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Can You Name What Country TRUE Persian Rugs Come From?

Persian Rugs Come From Only ONE Country.  Can You Name It? As important as the construction is to the rug, its origin is just as integral to the design, history and workmanship of the rug. Often Oriental and Persian rugs are referred to interchangeably. However, there is actually a difference and rug collectors are of the opinion that it is a very big one.

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Pet Urine and Oriental Rugs – We Can Fix That!

Urine illuminated via Xenon lighting Pet accidents may happen on your favorite area rug at any time. With a hand-woven oriental rug, this can be a curse because pet urine on a hand-knotted rug is one of the most dangerous spills on a textile – not only for the rug itself, but for the occupants if you allow the accidents to happen over and

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Oriental Rugs – Advantages and Disadvantages of a Flat Woven Rug.

(Durie Kilim Hand Woven Flat Weave Rug) Advantages/Disadvantages of Flatwoven Rugs Advantages ◦Flatwoven rugs are reasonably priced. ◦There are many beautiful colors and patterns available…. ◦Flatwoven rugs are reversible. ◦A flatwoven rug can also be considered a collecting piece if the rug was made by hand in the Middle East. Disadvantages ◦Flatwoven rugs can cause slippage without a proper rug pad. ◦They are not

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