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Fiber Protector Extends The Life Of Oriental and Persian Area Rugs

View our video on the advantages of applying a quality wool protector to your cherished area rug by following the below link: www.orientalrugsalon.com/videos/what-is-protector/ If your beautiful area rugs are positioned in an area that makes them susceptible to spills or high traffic, it makes sense to protect them with a quality fiber protector. Liquids such as wine, tea, coffee, Kool-Aid, and urine can cause

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Oriental, Persian, Turkish, Wool and Silk Area Rug Repairs Throughout Florida

                    Oriental Rug Salon has an unrivaled reputation throughout the State of Florida for Oriental and Persian carpet and rug cleaning, repair and restoration. Our highly experienced rug weavers specialize in a traditional hand rug repair service for Persian, Afghan, Kilim, Turkish, Silk and Antique rugs, carpets, and runners.  From small rug repairs to a

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Oriental Rug Cleaning VS. Joe Smoe The Carpet Cleaner

Anatomy of A Hand Knotted Rug   Please visit our short video as to why you should NEVER hire a carpet cleaning company like carpet cleaning pittsburgh to clean your beautiful wool or silk area rug: https://www.orientalrugsalon.com/videos/never-let-carpet-cleaner-clean-rugs-home/ If your home features hand-knotted area rugs, such as Persian or Oriental rugs, and regular wall to wall carpeting, you should never clean your area rugs like

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How To Remove Holiday Food Spills From Oriental Rug

Oriental, wool and silk area rug cleaning experts throughout SW Florida You’ve invited guests and family over for the holidays, prepared a wonderful dinner of turkey, gravy, and ham and during dinner, a plate is spilled on your beautiful Oriental rug. What do you do? First, don’t panic.  Immediately use a spoon to remove as much of the spill as possible Blot the area

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