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What is an Art Silk Oriental Rug?

Many rugs marketed today as “silk” are in fact, artificial silk rugs made of Viscose fibers.  Rugs made of Viscose are technically Viscose rayon and can present problems for those who own and have them cleaned. If you own a Viscose rug, it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of owning this type of fiber.  Viscose is made of wood pulp and cotton

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Viscose Area Rugs – What You Need To Know Before Purchasing

What is 100% Natural Viscose? In simple terms, Viscose is a manufactured textile made from the cellulose found in trees and plants.  The cellulose, or byproduct of these plants are then heavily processed using a cocktail of chemicals such as Caustic Soda and Sulphuric Acid to break down their fiber content. Viscose’s source material is always plant-based (hence the term ‘natural’ often used by

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