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Know Your Area Rug – The Afghanistan Baluch Rug

Baluch Area Rug Baluch rugs are woven by the nomadic Baluchi ethnic groups of Western Afghanistan and Eastern Iran. Very geometric and intricate in design, borrowing largely from Turkoman influence especially in the use of the “gul” or elephant foot motif. They also weave saddlebags, salt bags, prayer rugs, which reflect their nomadic way of life. This area rug is 100% wool, 3.6 X

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The Bakhtiari Area Rug – Floral or Garden Inspired Beauty

1900 Antique Persian Bakhtiari Rug with Garden Design – $26,000 The Bakhtiari tribespeople of the rugged Zagros Mountains are famed for their annual migrations over snow-capped peaks and for their lustrous, deep-toned antique tribal carpets displaying grand scale, cornucopian designs. An early 20th-century visitor to the lush Chahar Mahal district in Central Persia noted: “To me, Bakhtiari carpets are among the most interesting of

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Oriental and Persian Rugs and Carpet Cleaners Do NOT Get Along…

NEVER allow a carpet cleaning company to “clean” your Oriental rug… Hand-knotted Oriental rugs are highly sought after additions to any home. Many of these rugs are unique and handmade, making them one-of-a-kind accents to your homes décor. Oriental rugs can last for generations with proper care and upkeep and many increase in value over time. Never allow a carpet cleaning company the opportunity

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Pet Urine and Oriental Rugs – We Can Fix That!

Urine illuminated via Xenon lighting Pet accidents may happen on your favorite area rug at any time. With a hand-woven oriental rug, this can be a curse because pet urine on a hand-knotted rug is one of the most dangerous spills on a textile – not only for the rug itself, but for the occupants if you allow the accidents to happen over and

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