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Oriental Rugs and Fiber Protector – The Perfect Combination

Water beads on protected wool fibers Sheep produce large amounts of lanolin that helps protect their skin and “coats” by providing waterproofing” and wear resistant properties.  When their wool is sheared to create beautiful area rugs, coats, and other consumables, the natural protection is no longer produced, and the wool is subject to staining and fiber deterioration. To preserve wools natural stain fighting properties

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Carpet Cleaners and Oriental Rugs Don’t Get Along

Improper Rug Cleaning Will Cause Dye’s To Run If your home features both area rugs, such as Persian or Oriental rugs, and regular carpet as floor coverings, you should NEVER clean your area rugs like you would your carpet. Here’s why: The wall-to-wall carpet in your home is typically manufactured on a machine that uses synthetic material to produce 15 feet of carpet per

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