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Vegetable Dyed Persian and Turkish Area Rugs. How Do They Do It?

Before the advent of “chemical” or “chrome” dyes, the Persian dyeing technique of wool was performed by villagers who were experts in producing the colors required by weavers to create the beautiful vegetable dyed rugs seen today. When sheared from sheep, wool may either be a light off-white ivory color, or a dark brown to black. Both may be used in Persian rug weaving,

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What Does A Car Wash And Oriental Rug Cleaning Have In Common?

Automated equipment is best left to car washes and assembly lines. Why It’s Better To Clean Area Rugs By Hand The terms “handmade,” or “hand-knotted,” are often synonymous with quality, and when you have a textile made by hand, it is unique and personalized. Persian and Oriental rugs are some of the best examples of this, as each rug is meticulously crafted by hand

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Hand Knotted, Tufted or Machine Made Oriental Rug. Can You Tell The Difference?

On a regular basis, Oriental Rug Salon cleans for customers who believe they have a “hand-made” (hand-knotted) area rug because that’s what the salesman told them when the sad reality is they overspent on a machine made rug. The difference in price between an 8X10 hand-knotted area rug and an 8X10 machine made one could be thousands of dollars difference. This blog is designed to provide

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