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Urine Accident on Oriental or Persian Wool or Silk Rug

Cleaning urine stains from your wool or silk area rug can be problematic for a variety of reasons. Irrespective of whether the stains are animal or human in origin, all urine residue comprises three main elements. The sticky part is known as urea, the pigmented part is urochrome, and the last part is uric acid, which forms as a combination of crystals and salts.

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Pet Urine Treatment for Oriental, Persian, Turkish, Wool and Silk Area Rugs

Approximately 33% of all Oriental, Persian, Turkish and other wool and silk area rugs Oriental Rug Salon is asked to clean contains pet urine. Pets can wreak havoc on nice rugs, especially when they have accidents. Pet urine, feces and “hairballs” can leave permanent stains and cause dye migration if not addressed quickly. Pet urine can also cause permanent damage to your wool and

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