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Every Wool and Silk Area Rug Is Unique – That is Why We Wash By Hand

For the most part, in SW Florida, there are three ways to “clean” an Oriental, Persian, Turkish, wool or silk area rug.  The method you choose will determine if your rug survives the “cleaning” as well as the thoroughness and result of the effort. Hand-Washing – Just as you would hand wash fine cashmere and silk sweaters, cherished area rugs deserve the love and

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Authentic Hand-Washing of Oriental and Persian Area Rugs

Oriental Rug Salon specializes in the hand-washing, restoration, and repair of Oriental, Persian, Turkish, wool and silk area rugs. We do not clean carpets, or upholstery, or grout and tile – our specialty is rugs. Our professional, experienced and certified rug cleaning professionals dedicate all of their resources to providing the most up-to-date solutions to your rug cleaning needs.  Our customers understand and appreciate

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Versus Carpet Cleaning – What’s The Difference?

SW Florida’s Choice For Oriental Rug Cleaning And Repairs Last week a customer contacted us to inspect and possibly repair a 90+-year-old Persian Tabriz. What we saw when the rug came to our shop was horrific. This client had allowed a local dry cleaning company to clean her antique wool area rug and what they did to it was an absolute crime. The first

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Understanding Urine Damage and Oriental Area Rugs

Pet Urine Treatment Throughout SW Florida – (Video) The acidity in urine from pet accidents can lead to mildew, mold growth as well as strong, long-lasting odors in beautiful Oriental and fine area rugs. If left untreated, pet urine can cause dry rot, color migration, and permanent staining.  The associated pet odor as a result of urine salts can also create an unhealthy indoor environment.

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Pet Urine Issues with Wool and Silk Area Rugs

We love our pets, but we don’t love the damage they can sometimes do to our beautiful woven treasures. Pet urine can be a major problem for wool rugs, reasons being the construction type and ability to absorb moisture. Urine travels to the foundation of rugs and undergoes a chemical change from an acid to alkali (high on the pH scale). Alkali damages wool

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