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What Do The Designs On My Persian Area Rug Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the motifs (designs) on your Persian area rug convey? Each hand-woven area rug has a story to tell and if you can interpret the symbols woven into your rug, you’ll have a better understanding of your work of art. This week let’s examine what “Protective” motifs look like. Stars, Crosses, Dragons and Other Protective Symbols Protective motifs have a

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We Can Make Your Oriental Area Rug Look Good Again

Oriental Rug Salon offers a wide variety of rug cleaning and repair services for all Oriental, Persian, Turkish, wool and silk area rugs.  We are the “cleaner of choice” to many of our areas leading interior designers, restoration companies, rug collectors and clients who simply cherish their beautiful textiles. Unlike conventional “wall-to-wall” nylon carpeting that can take just about any carpet cleaning chemical thrown

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Naples Fl – Would You Wash Your Persian Wool or Silk Area Rug At A Car Wash?

Wool and Silk Area Rugs Cleaned By Hand Your rugs, whether hand-knotted, antique family heirlooms or modern machine-woven accent pieces — are representative of your style and your home.  They are an investment, truly works of art.  Properly caring for them takes a true professional. Oriental Rug Salon is a boutique rug washing company…many larger rug washing facilities use large machinery to wash rugs

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