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A Badger Can Be Your Oriental Rugs Best Friend

Rug Badger Removing Dirt From Rug That Was Previously Vacummed Hand-knotted area rugs hide substantially more dry soil, sand, allergens, dust mites and other contaminants than wall-to-wall carpeting due to the construction of its foundation (woven versus glued). Because hand-knotted area rugs hide abrasive contaminates so well, if not professionally cleaned and “dusted” on a regular basis, they will develop “traffic lanes,” suffer color

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Vegetable Dyed Persian and Turkish Area Rugs. How Do They Do It?

Before the advent of “chemical” or “chrome” dyes, the Persian dyeing technique of wool was performed by villagers who were experts in producing the colors required by weavers to create the beautiful vegetable dyed rugs seen today. When sheared from sheep, wool may either be a light off-white ivory color, or a dark brown to black. Both may be used in Persian rug weaving,

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