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How To Identify a REAL Persian or Oriental Rug

Exactly What Is An Oriental Rug? As an “Oriental” rug cleaning, restoration, and repair company, the professionals at Oriental Rug Salon continuously hear clients referring to their Persian or Turkish wool or silk area rugs as “Oriental rugs”. The term “Oriental rug” seems to be a catch-all for consumers when they speak about their cherished rugs.  Persian rugs are not “Oriental rugs”, they’re Persian rugs and

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The Best Method To Clean Oriental Wool Or Silk Area Rugs in SW Florida

Persian and Oriental Rugs Have Been Cleaned By Hand For Hundreds of Years Oriental Rug Salon specializes in professional rug washing and repair services with a commitment to excellent customer service and affordable prices. We do not use impersonal automated rug cleaning equipment that relies on batch washing a dozen rugs at a time and merely delivers an “ok” cleaning. At Oriental Rug Salon

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Oriental Rugs – How To Read The Tree of Life Design

Tree of Life Design As it is documented in the Tree of Life Persian rugs, legend has it that a cypress tree planted by request of a Zoroastrian Prophet, this tree grew to be so big that 10,000 sheep could use it for shade and thousands of birds lived within the branches. When the neighboring King heard of this massive tree he ordered it

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Oriental Rugs – Advantages and Disadvantages of a Flat Woven Rug.

(Durie Kilim Hand Woven Flat Weave Rug) Advantages/Disadvantages of Flatwoven Rugs Advantages ◦Flatwoven rugs are reasonably priced. ◦There are many beautiful colors and patterns available…. ◦Flatwoven rugs are reversible. ◦A flatwoven rug can also be considered a collecting piece if the rug was made by hand in the Middle East. Disadvantages ◦Flatwoven rugs can cause slippage without a proper rug pad. ◦They are not

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