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Fringe Repair For Persian, Oriental and Turkish Area Rugs Throughout SW Florida

Hand Woven Silk Fringe Repair Fringes are almost always the first area on a Persian, Turkish or other wool or silk hand-knotted rug that will show signs of wear. The fringe is merely an extension of the foundation’s area rug and runs through the entire carpet.  This extension is known as the “warp” and is used to weave each wool or silk knot around

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Bonita Springs Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repairs

WHEN IT COMES TO THE HAND WASHING OF ORIENTAL RUGS, WE ARE THE EXPERTS YOU CAN TRUST. Washing a rug by hand is a process, which if done correctly, can restore your rug or carpet close to its former glory. Hand washing is an art form, not a mechanical process, and should only be performed by experts who know how to avoid damaging your

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Myths About Oriental Rug Values

When it comes to Oriental, Persian, Chinese, wool and silk area rugs, their history seems steeped in mysteries of the East.  It can start with a rug retailer giving a “little story” about the rug to enhance the sale.  Or just wrong information which is repeated so many times it takes on a life of its own. So like Myth Busters on television let’s

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