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Oriental And Persian Area Rug Protector – Is It Worth It?

One of the most important things you can do after having your cherished area rug cleaned is to have a professional-grade fiber protector applied. What Is Rug Protector, And How Does It Work? There are dozens of “fiber protectors” on the market, including the consumer-grade products you can buy at your local grocery or hardware store.  These “over the counter” products can never match

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Fiber Protector Extends The Life Of Oriental and Persian Area Rugs

View our video on the advantages of applying a quality wool protector to your cherished area rug by following the below link: www.orientalrugsalon.com/videos/what-is-protector/ If your beautiful area rugs are positioned in an area that makes them susceptible to spills or high traffic, it makes sense to protect them with a quality fiber protector. Liquids such as wine, tea, coffee, Kool-Aid, and urine can cause

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