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Area Rug Padding For The Life Of Your Oriental Rug

Custom Cut Area Rug Padding Often, we’re asked if area rug padding for an Oriental rug is a good idea and if so, what are the benefits. The short answer is YES! Rug padding provides a protective layer between the rug and the floor.  Padding keeps rugs from slipping and buckling while acting as a shock absorber so foot traffic causes less wear on

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Naples Rug Lovers – How To Hang An Oriental Rug

Want to add a little color and intrigue to a bare wall?  Try hanging an Oriental rug from it. Anyone can hang a picture, or paint a “feature wall” in a room, but by adding a unique Oriental rug, you’ll not only dress up the room, but you’ll also have a conversation starter and a centerpiece your friends and family will not soon forget.

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Homeowners Insurance and Oriental Rug Repairs

Your Oriental Rug Is Worth Saving Image, waking up in the morning only to discover your floor covered in 2-3 inches of water due to a pipe break, sewage overflow, or other water intrusions.  Horror starts to set in as you realize your cherished wool or silk area rugs are soaked in water with the potential of dye migration.  What do you do? In

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The Benefits Of Rug Padding For An Oriental Rug

Is A Rug Pad Necessary? The short answer is, “definitely, yes.” Here’s five reasons why. SAFETY ◦Rug pads prevent shifting of the rug when it is walked on. A rug pad is designed with a surface that will stick to both the floor and the rug. This is especially important if you are placing the rug on a hard, slick surface like tile or

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