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Moth Damage To Oriental Rugs In SW Florida

Annually the technicians at Oriental Rug Salon see dozens of cherished area rugs brought to our shop showing signs of moth or other insect damage. Sometimes the damage is confined to a small area, and corrective action can result in a seamless repair.  In other instances, the damage is extensive, leaving the area rug unsalvageable.  We’ve seen $50,000 rugs reduced to zero in a

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Wool or Silk Area Rug Moth Damage – We Can Help!

Moth Infestation on Wool Area Rug <Click on the above “Moth Infestation on Wool Area Rug” for our video> Beware! You could be harboring moths in your rugs right now! Even if you don’t see them flying around. One day you may call to have your rugs picked up to be cleaned only to find out they are full of moth larvae and in

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