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Oriental Rug Appraisals For Storm Damaged Rugs

Oriental Rug Appraisal For Storm-Damaged Rugs When a home floods and restoration professionals are called to save the structure and contents, it’s rare the restoration company’s area of expertise is in Persian or Oriental textiles. The company will likely have ZERO experience or certification with Oriental and Persian rugs. For this reason, do not take the word of a technician that you should throw

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Hurricane Damage and Oriental Rugs – What To Do If Your Rug Is Flooded

With Hurricane Irma threatening southern Florida, here are some tips to help protect and preserve your wool and silk area rugs. If your rug is damaged by RAINWATER from a roof leak, it needs to be picked up and restored as soon as possible. Depending on flooding, we may not be able to get into your neighborhood right away, but we will be there

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