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Fiber Protector Extends The Life Of Oriental and Persian Area Rugs

View our video on the advantages of applying a quality wool protector to your cherished area rug by following the below link: www.orientalrugsalon.com/videos/what-is-protector/ If your beautiful area rugs are positioned in an area that makes them susceptible to spills or high traffic, it makes sense to protect them with a quality fiber protector. Liquids such as wine, tea, coffee, Kool-Aid, and urine can cause

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Oriental, Persian, Turkish, Indian, Wool and Silk Area Rug Cleaning Throughout SW Florida

Hand-washing of rugs in Tabriz, Iran. In many parts of the world, Oriental, Persian, Turkish and other beautiful wool rugs are washed by hand in a stream. This “full-immersion” method uses the cold and running water of a stream coupled with natural hand-made “soaps” and has been used since the time of Moses. At Oriental Rug Salon, we too use natural cleaning agents coupled

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How To Care For Your Oriental Area Rug in SW Florida

Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair Throughout SW Florida Oriental style wool and silk area rugs area beautiful and with proper care, can last many generations. A beautiful area rug will add warmth and beauty to a room and their embellishments along with the chosen colors of the yarn have a story to tell if you’re interested in reading. At Oriental Rug Salon, we clean

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