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How To Purchase An Oriental Area Rug in SW Florida

How To Purchase An Oriental Rug in Naples Florida And Surrounding Areas  Oriental rugs are an excellent choice when purchasing an area rug to tie a room together.  But before you invest, or are taken advantage of, make sure you have a solid understanding of what to look for in a well-made Oriental rug, as well as the basics of professional rug cleaning servicing

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Interpreting The Colors Of An Oriental Rug

Color plays a big role in influencing our decision to purchase an Oriental area rug for our home.  The right rug and color palette can brighten a room or provide subtlety and warmth. At Oriental Rug Salon we understand Oriental area rugs better than most of the purveyors and “cleaners” throughout SW Florida.  We take great pride in educating our readers on the history,

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What Do The Colors Mean In My Persian Rug?

Persian rugs are frequently absorbed into the generic description “oriental,” a class of fine, patterned rugs woven throughout Asia and the Middle East. Strictly defined, Persian rugs come from Iran, although historic Persian Rugs originated in that entire region, not just within present-day geographic boundaries. The rugs are characterized by dense weaves, unique knots and opulent colors. The oldest known rug in existence is from the 5th century BCE. The

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