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The Best Method To Clean Oriental Wool Or Silk Area Rugs in SW Florida

Persian and Oriental Rugs Have Been Cleaned By Hand For Hundreds of Years Oriental Rug Salon specializes in professional rug washing and repair services with a commitment to excellent customer service and affordable prices. We do not use impersonal automated rug cleaning equipment that relies on batch washing a dozen rugs at a time and merely delivers an “ok” cleaning. At Oriental Rug Salon

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Oriental Rugs – How To Remove Spots And Urine Without Damage To Your Area Rug

Whether it’s wine, coffee, Kool-Aid, urine, feces or paint, the first step is to remove as much of the liquid or solid from the rug- as soon as possible. Paper towels work well. Keep blotting until you no longer see any transfer to the paper towel. After blotting, many spills will require diluting. If it is clear that much of the spilled substance is

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