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What Do The Designs On My Persian Area Rug Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the motifs (designs) on your Persian area rug convey? Each hand-woven area rug has a story to tell and if you can interpret the symbols woven into your rug, you’ll have a better understanding of your work of art. This week let’s examine what “Protective” motifs look like. Stars, Crosses, Dragons and Other Protective Symbols Protective motifs have a

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Oriental, Persian and Turkish Rugs – Their Value and Role In Religion

When thinking of Persian or Turkish rugs, it’s not uncommon for people to think of the Islamic faith based on where these rugs are made and the dominant religion of the region. When thinking about beautiful hand-woven rugs, did you know that in addition to Muslim, other religions have also used rugs as part of their worship? Most rugs on today’s market are not

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What Makes Signed Persian Rugs So Special?

Signed Persian “Oriental” Area Rugs As many collectors and lovers of “Oriental” rugs know, the mark of a unique handmade rug is the signature. This distinctive symbol of the weaver can be of the workshop where it was made, the weaver who wove the rug, year made, the region of origin, and in rare cases, all the above. There is no mistaking the superior

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Wine and Pet Stains on Oriental Rugs – We Can Fix That!

Oriental rugs are beautiful and will last generations with a little love and routine maintenance. Whether it is wine, coffee, Kool-aid, urine, vomit or paint, the first step is to remove as much of it as possible as quickly as possible.  Paper towels and a spoon work well.  Keep blotting until you have no transfer of the stain to your paper towel. 1. After

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How To Tell The Difference Between A Hand-Knotted And Machine Made Oriental Area Rug

Question:  I have several Oriental area rugs and would like to know how to tell if they are hand-made or machine made… This article is intended to help you tell the difference between a handmade (or hand knotted) rug and a machine made rug. This will help you when you are in the market to purchase a rug. The more you know about rugs

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Do I Have An Oriental Or Persian Rug? Do You Know The Difference?

(The above is a Persian Tribal rug from Iran) When preserving a client’s beautiful area rug we often hear that they have a “Persian” or “Oriental” rug and many clients don’t the difference between the two very distinct rug types. Oriental Rugs By the strictest definition, Oriental rugs are rugs hand knotted only in Asia. Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet, and Nepal are

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