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Quality Oriental, Navajo and Specialty Rug Cleaning Throughout SW Florida

At Oriental Rug Salon we understand that all rugs are not the same. Each Oriental, wool or silk rug has its own personality and a story to tell.  They have different weaves and dyes which dictate how they are cleaned. We understand the “love” put into each rug as it was handcrafted by the weaver.  Our professionals are able to “read” a rug and

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Oriental Wool Rug Cleaning In Cape Coral | Naples | Fort Myers

Can you tell the difference between a genuine hand-made and machine-made wool or a silk area rug? Through our specialized cleaning plant, Oriental Rug Salon, we clean thousands of hand-knotted and machine-made Oriental Style (wool and silk) on an annual basis. Oftentimes clients will believe they have a hand-knotted rug (based on what they were told by the salesperson) when in fact, they have

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