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The Best Method To Clean Oriental Wool Or Silk Area Rugs in SW Florida

Persian and Oriental Rugs Have Been Cleaned By Hand For Hundreds of Years Oriental Rug Salon specializes in professional rug washing and repair services with a commitment to excellent customer service and affordable prices. We do not use impersonal automated rug cleaning equipment that relies on batch washing a dozen rugs at a time and merely delivers an “ok” cleaning. At Oriental Rug Salon

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What Does A Car Wash And Oriental Rug Cleaning Have In Common?

Automated equipment is best left to car washes and assembly lines. Why It’s Better To Clean Area Rugs By Hand The terms “handmade,” or “hand-knotted,” are often synonymous with quality, and when you have a textile made by hand, it is unique and personalized. Persian and Oriental rugs are some of the best examples of this, as each rug is meticulously crafted by hand

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Oriental Wool Rug Cleaning In Cape Coral | Naples | Fort Myers

Can you tell the difference between a genuine hand-made and machine-made wool or a silk area rug? Through our specialized cleaning plant, Oriental Rug Salon, we clean thousands of hand-knotted and machine-made Oriental Style (wool and silk) on an annual basis. Oftentimes clients will believe they have a hand-knotted rug (based on what they were told by the salesperson) when in fact, they have

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