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Vegetable Dyed Persian and Turkish Area Rugs. How Do They Do It?

Before the advent of “chemical” or “chrome” dyes, the Persian dyeing technique of wool was performed by villagers who were experts in producing the colors required by weavers to create the beautiful vegetable dyed rugs seen today. When sheared from sheep, wool may either be a light off-white ivory color, or a dark brown to black. Both may be used in Persian rug weaving,

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Car Wash Style Oriental Rug Cleaning Versus Hand Pampering and Individualized Care

Machine Washing Area Rugs – A BIG No-No! Some area rug cleaners in SW Florida use industrial style washing machines to “clean” precious wool and silk area rugs. This type of cleaning is called “batch style” because multiple area rugs can be gang-washed at the same time.  This type of cleaning is designed to increase the rug cleaning plants efficiency which ultimately adds more

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