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If you are a pet owner you are all too familiar with how pet stains start. You turn your back on your house pet for a moment, nature calls, and presto! Your beautiful area rug suddenly wears a pet stain. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you now have to contend with embarrassing pet stain odor.

Oriental Rug Salon has a six-step pet urine and odor treatment process designed to help with pet stain and odor removal so that your wool and silk area rugs continue to look exquisite with a fragrance of freshness. Our proprietary pet urine and odor treatment process will completely eliminate any odor and staining that has not permanently affected the wool or silk fibers of your area rug.

At Oriental Rug Salon our cleaning professionals use the most advanced pet stain and odor treatment cleaning solutions specifically designed for Oriental, wool and silk textiles.  Our experts will inspect your beautiful area rug with Xenon lighting to determine the best course of action and then proceed with the pet urine and odor elimination process.  When the cleaning is complete the results will speak for itself.   Your area rug will be clean with no trace of offensive pet odor.

For more information concerning pet urine and the effect it has on Oriental, Persian, wool and silk area rugs, click this sentence to view our video.

Pet urine and odor removal services offered throughout the cities of Naples, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Lee, Collier, and Charlotte County Florida.