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How To Prevent Moths From Destroying Oriental Rug

Carpet moths can wreak havoc and happily destroy your beautiful Oriental wool and Persian area rugs.

Carpet moths are tiny – only 5–8 mm long – and scamper around, only flying when it’s warm (and in SW Florida, it’s always warm). They shun light and hide in dark areas, laying batches of eggs that hatch larvae. The larvae then begin to eat the face yarns of your cherished area rug, causing holes and loss of pile.

For a video on how to identify moth damage click here.

How Can I Help Prevent Moth Damage

A rug owner’s first line of defense is to sweep their area rug with a broom (this creates a safe agitation and loosens sand and larvae) and then vacuum the rug weekly. Not just a quick once over, we mean the kind of vacuuming your mother or grandmother would do. A deep, meticulous vacuuming of your Oriental or Persian rugs is extremely important to keep moths and their larvae at bay.

Sweeping your area rug and vacuuming will help to dislodge soils and sand as well as any sticky reside, webbing, or larvae that moths (or other insects) could leave behind. You should also periodically check the back of your rug as moths, and their eggs could hide there. A good sweeping and vacuuming on the back are very beneficial.

Don’t forget the parts of the Oriental rug underneath furniture like a sofa, chair, or bed, also needs to be swept and vacuumed. Moths love dark places and are good at hiding! While you’re sweeping and vacuuming, if you find even one moth, there are dozens of eggs and other moths nearby.

Moths are incredibly destructive creatures. In an instant, they will wreak havoc in your home and happily destroy your beautiful oriental rugs. Talk about a home wrecker!

Keep Oriental & Area Rugs Clean To Help Prevent Moth Damage

Not attending to food stains or spills when they occur makes your area rugs a great and tasty choice for any moth or insect. They love a dirty rug or carpet that smells like something they could feast on. Cat and dog urine also invites moths and carpet beetles. The best solution is to tend as soon as possible to these issues. After all, you should enjoy your beautiful, cherished rug, not destructive moths!

A Professional Rug Cleaning Is Necessary

The ultimate solution for a moth infestation or prevention is to have your Oriental and Persian wool area rugs expertly cleaned and a moth preventative added by Oriental Rug Salon.

Oriental Rug Salon is an international WoolSafe Approved Service Provider and SW Florida’s leading Oriental rug cleaning, repair, restoration, and appraisal company. We offer free pickup and delivery for most area rugs throughout Lee, Charlotte, and Collier County.

An Expert Area Rug Cleaning Is Recommended Every 2-3 Years

Soil and sand are abrasive and can easily damage wool area rugs if left unchecked. Just like sandpaper with its jagged edges, the sand we pick up on the bottom of our shoes is abrasive (sand contains silica, the same ingredient glass is made of). When walking across your area rug, you grind the sand with your full body weight on the face yarns of your wool or silk area rug. The sharp edges dig in and cut into the face yarns, causing traffic lane, sanding, and other damage.

Another way to look at wool is that it’s just hair, soft, and easy to cut. If taken care of, your wool rugs can last hundreds of years but not if exposed to abrasive wear, moths, or carpet beetles.

Oriental Rug Salon is a full-service Oriental and Persian area rug cleaning, repair, appraisal, and restoration company serving clients nationwide. We are a Certified Partner with the international Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) and the prestigious Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

If you’re experiencing a month or carpet beetle issue, give Oriental Rug Salon a call.

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