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A Better Buy – Hand-knotted or Machine Made Area Rug?

As leading industry experts in wool and silk area rug appraisals, cleaning, and repair, Oriental Rug Salon is often a knowledgebase for interior designers, rug retailers, insurance companies, and rug collectors. We’re frequently asked for opinions about rug values, identification of area rugs, and the proper care and maintenance cycle for a good rug cleaning.  We also provide area rug appraisals in person and online and help clients negotiate the value of an area rug before purchase, often saving them thousands off of the price of a rug they’re interested in at a retailer.

Hand-How knotted Area Rugs Versus Machine-made Rugs 

What is a hand-woven rug and how are they made?  Click here for a video explanation.

Hand-knotted rugs are extremely beautiful, and there are many reasons why buying a rug woven by hand can offer an excellent choice for any space. If you are struggling with the idea of purchasing a genuine Persian, Kilim, Turkish or other types of hand-knotted area rug, these are some of the top reasons why your purchase offers a smart choice and investment:

One of a kind: Handknotted rugs are each unique and certainly don’t look like they were mass-produced or store-bought, and as a result, each one creates its beautiful aesthetic within your home. No two hand-knotted rugs are the same, and this creates a unique quality for your décor.

Improved quality: Handknotted quality means that you end up with a textile that’s of a far better version than you can purchase at a local department or furniture store. When a rug is mass-produced, it may be one of ten thousand of the same style and look.  Machine-made rugs look machine-made.

Genuine hand-knotted area rugs are unique, one-of-a-kind textiles that compliment any décor and last for decades with the proper care.

Getting your decor noticed: A hand-knotted rug has a history, was woven with love, and is unique and beautiful. Most hand-knotted rugs are woven by craftspeople who may have been making rugs for generations.  Depending on the size and quality of the rug, it could have taken anywhere from a couple of months to years to create.  A quality 8X10 hand-knotted Tabriz can take up to 18 months to make.

Improved materials: Many rug weavers are incredibly proud of their craft, and as a result, they pick out some of the best wool and silk, which can create longevity with their rug designs. Using superior materials ensures that your investment lasts you for years to come.

Consumers grow accustomed to seeing area rugs in catalogs and on showroom floors so the attitude becomes “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Seeing something unique such as a hand-knotted “Oriental” rug draws the eye, and you will get more compliments on this type of textile than one purchased from a department or furniture store.

When shopping for Persian, Turkish, Chinese, or other Oriental rugs, a handwoven rug is the right choice.

If your budget does not allow for a new area rug, consider visiting some consignment shops, estate sales, Goodwill, or other secondary sellers.  Often you can find a handwoven rug at prices less expensive than purchasing a machine-made rug from a retailer, and you’ll have a better quality rug.

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