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Online Oriental Rug Appraisals Nationwide

Oriental Rug Salon performs hundreds of Oriental, Persian, Turkish, and every other kind of wool and silk area rug and textile online appraisals annually.

There are many reasons why someone would request an appraisal, such as:

  • For insurance purposes
  • Our of curiosity or to learn the history, age, and approximate value of their area rug
  • Perhaps they’re interested in selling or purchasing a rug and would like to know its value
  • They may have inherited an area rug and want to learn its value and history
  • The ending of a marriage or death may necessitate the division of property
  • For estate planning purposes
  • Or for the management of assets

Our appraisals are performed by experts who specialize in Oriental, Persian, Turkish, and all other wool and silk textiles.  Our appraisal includes detailed history on your rug, approximate age, identifying characteristics, auction and insurance value, and side notes the appraiser may deem necessary.

With the appropriate pictures of your area rug, we can accurately appraise the value of your rug and provide detailed information within 4-7 days of receiving your request.  Your appraisal will be e-mailed to you, and a certified copy on parchment paper will be mailed the same day.

As an example of our appraisals, the following area rug was valued by our appraiser yesterday for a rug owner that wanted to donate her area rug to charity.

If Oriental Rug Salon can ever be of service for your Oriental area rug appraisal, cleaning, or repair, please visit us online at www.OrientalRugSalon.com or call us anytime at 239-424-8171.

For purposes of this blog post, the following report was condensed from the actual appraisal description.

Start Appraisal:

Rug Identification

The above-pictured area rug is a Birjand Rug, Khorassan District, North East Persia, Wool on Cotton Foundation.

Identification of embellishments (rug design)

The red field with a blue, beige, and ivory leaf edged lobed floral medallion supported by meandering curvilinear vines issuing palmettes, flower heads and leaves with mirrored blue pendants linked to scrolling arabesques, ivory leaf edged spandrels enclosing red pendants scrolling flowering vines and scrolling arabesques, within a blue border enclosing continuous palmettes linked by serrated vines ending in serrated leaves.

Rug approximate age


Circa 1960s

Additional information and notes

The city of Birjand and surrounding towns and villages are well known for the production of decorative formal design rugs displaying floral patterns drawn in a curvilinear style based on a Persian city workshop-style dating back to the early 17th Century. This rug displays this tradition. The colors are from a characteristic Birjand palette, the tones of which suggest that this rug was made around the date as indicated above.

Appraised Value and Insurance Value

Latest Auction Data:  $3300.00 – $3700.00   Insurance Value:  $6000.00

Rug Size

Height 150 inch – Length 110 inch

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