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Online Oriental Area Rug Appraisals Nationwide

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Recently a client asked us to provide them with identification and information on a cherished area rug they’d always been curious about.  Our simple appraisal is as follows.

This area rug is a Baluch Rug, Baluchistan/Khorassan, North-East Persia Border Region, Wool on Cotton Foundation.

Description of identifying features

The shaded red field with a mosque bearing the date ‘1934’, supported by stylized flora and artifact forms above a row of three rectangular reserves each enclosing stylized plants above a row of three mihrabs each enclosing a hanging lantern between a pair of columns, within an ivory border enclosing continuous stars between diagonal ‘bar’ vinery, an outer red border enclosing continuous ascending hooked meandering vines.

More Information

The Baluch tribe are a well known significant group of rug makers with a tradition of rug making dating back at least to the early 17th Century. Historically they were nomadic making rugs and woven artifacts while on migration from winter to Summer encampments. From the 1920s onwards they began to settle in towns and villages in Baluchistan, Afghanistan, and Khorassan in Northeast Persia. Traditionally their rugs display consistent identifiable characteristics.

Colors tend to be darker tones of red, brown blue, and charcoal, accompanied by secondary colors of yellow, orange, and ivory, and purple tones often present. Patterns display stylized flora and fauna forms, architectural features, all often abstract and totemic in appearance.

This rug displays these features and the color tones as seen here support the date as seen in the roof of the mosque. Nomadic rugs are woven on a wool foundation, whereas this rug is woven on a cotton foundation, indicating that it is a village or town rug. The ivory border enclosing star and bar pattern is unusual to a point and seen in Persian tribal rugs. This Persian ‘element’ suggests that it was made by settled Baluch weavers in Khorassan where they would have easily picked up or been influenced by regional Persian iconography.

It is difficult to say if this was made to represent a prayer rug, as there are multiple Prayer niches, (mihrabs), present here, and a true representation of a prayer rug would display a single mihrab covering the whole field area.

Rug Size

Height 72 inch; Length 48 inch


As Presented:  $550.00  Replacement/Insurance Value:  $850.00

End of Report

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