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Why Oriental Rug Cleaning Is Best Left To The Experts

Never allow a carpet cleaner to “clean” your cherished Oriental, wool or silk area rug and here’s why.

A genuine hand-knotted area rug is a beautiful piece of art and a precious household object, complimenting a room in both traditional and modern surroundings.

Originating in the Middle East (Persian, Turkish, etc.) or Far East (Chinese), a genuine hand-knotted rug is woven in natural materials, like silk, cotton, and wool. Most rugs are priced according to their knot density or ratio; the higher the density, the more precious the rug.

Good hand-knotted rugs gain in value over time, and antique rugs command even higher prices. As many rugs age, the colors become more mellow and beautiful. However, these qualities only emerge in an area rug that has received the best care throughout its years, which implies professional rug cleaning and maintenance.

The Skill of the Professional Rug Cleaner

Made in distinctive patterns, the colors of the Persian rug are generally red, brown, and gold against a beige background, in keeping with the pigments available to ancient weavers. A professional rug cleaner can identify the rug’s dyes in advance of the cleaning process and select the appropriate cleaning agents that will not fade the colors or cause them to run.

In addition, proper cleaning will not shrink a valuable rug. The properly trained, certified, and experienced technicians at Oriental Rug Salon are experts at Oriental, Persian and Turkish area rug cleaning and can detect staining patterns that foreign substances leave on wool or silk textiles. By identifying staining issues, our personnel employ the most suitable cleaning methods and spotting agents to guarantee phenomenal results. We are also able to deal with odor, pet urine, moth, and other issues.

Eliminating Dust, Sand, and Soil

The knot density of the most precious wool or silk hand-knotted area rugs renders it vulnerable to the effects of deep-down dust, sand, and soil that collect in the rug’s foundation and threaten to destroy the pile.  These sediments are difficult for clients to remove, even with the most powerful vacuum cleaners.  Oriental Rug Salon can provide hands-on methodologies to remove these contaminants without damaging the pile.

While sediment removal, as mentioned above, is essential, this process is only part of the cleaning program.

At our cleaning plant, once an area rug is examined and a 24-Hour bleed test performed, the clients of Oriental Rug Salon receive a detailed report and pictures of their rug via e-mail pointing out our findings and the best way to care for their area rug.  Once the client receives the report, they can call us with any questions or concerns before the cleaning process begins.

Upon approval, the area rug is individually cleaned in a specialized bath by an experienced rug cleaning professional.  From the time an area rug is examined until it is cleaned and prepared for delivery to the client, a trained set of eyes follows the rug from start to finish.

Our Complete Rug Cleaning & Repair Process

In addition to our inspection and cleaning process, our experienced rug cleaning technicians can perform additional services as needed, such as fringe whitening or dyeing, without endangering the remainder of the rug with whitening or dye substances.

Our personnel is trained to spot damage by moths and other insects, to which silk and wool area rugs are particularly prone. For rugs that are already damaged, a professional repair or treatment can be performed with the client’s permission.

 In summary, our professional rug cleaners are trained to:

  • Identify rug types and dyes
  • Remove specific stains
  • Remove sand, pollen, dust mite, and soil residues through dusting techniques
  • Hand-wash each rug trusted to us by hand
  • Repair area rugs and replace fringe as needed

Hand-knotted area rugs were made by hand, with love and care by a skilled artesian, and they deserve proper cleaning to last many generations.

Oriental Rug Salon is a full-service Oriental rug cleaning company serving clients in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte County, Florida.  We service and clean area rugs shipped to us from around the United States by clients demanding hand-washing by experienced and certified professionals.  We are the “cleaner of choice” to many interior designers, Oriental retailers, insurance and restoration companies, rug collectors, and clients who simply cherish their rugs.

Oriental Rug Salon is a WoolSafe Certified Service Provider, a Certified Partner with the international Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the prestigious Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI).

For more information on our rug cleaning process or should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to visit us online at www.OrientalRugSalon.com or call us anytime at 239-424-8171.

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